Step Into A Greener Tomorrow With Nova Maldives

28 Dec 22


The Maldives, with its mesmerising coral reefs and the turquoise blue waters brimming with abundant marine life, is a natural wonder of its own. While the country’s delicate beauty makes it an incomparable destination, the low-lying islands surrounded by the vast blue sea also remain one of the most vulnerable destinations due to climate change. 

At your soulful island Nova, we are committed to preserving the unique ecosystem of our intricate islands. Our heartfelt care begins with the way we treat the environment. Taking responsibility to safeguard the astounding beauty for generations to come, we are ever-improving our efforts to reduce our environmental footprint and attain mindfulness – keeping sustainability at the core of everything we do. 

Immerse your soul in a journey that embraces the nature we are rooted in, as you discover more about our green initiatives. 

1. Protecting the marine life 

Nova is home to a rich and colourful reef with a vibrant ecosystem. The untouched reefs protect the pristine shores and the crystal-clear lagoons on which your soulful memories are made. While they play a vital role in keeping the coastlines unspoilt, their vulnerability cannot be ignored. The delicate isles are significantly affected by the changes in climate and environment. We must preserve this nature and protect it for generations to come. 

At your soul home, you can participate in conserving our environment. The long-term project of coral plantation invites you to not only plant corals, but also follow the growth in real-time with monthly online updates – with your soulmates regularly planting, monitoring, and cleaning the specially designed frame to attach the fragmented corals.

Along with planting coral frames, Nova also prioritises cleaning up the house reef. While our seas are exposed to the debris and rubble floating in the ocean, it is vital that we protect the coral reefs from them to keep the plankton and marine life healthy. We maintain our stunning coral reefs by cleaning them regularly and creating awareness about environmental preservation’s importance. 

Due to Nova’s ideal location in South Ari Atoll, our soulful island is one of the best places to swim alongside the ocean’s gentle giants. Whale sharks can be sighted around the azure waters at any time of the year, as they feed and cruise along the reef. At Nova, we collaborate with Maldives Whale Shark Research Program to do our part in protecting these enigmatic marine creatures. With our collaborative workshops, you can discover more about their biology, the threats they face, and learn what we must do to protect and preserve them.

2. Blending in with nature

Taking a step beyond the protection of aquatic life, Nova also embraces flora and fauna of the tropical island. With our workshops dedicated to discovering nature, you can learn more about the magnificent creatures and plants native to the Maldives. 

As part of Nova’s commitment to conserving our fragile environment, various strategies are incorporated into our culture. Starting with reducing the use of plastic and paper, and avoiding the wastage of food, we also use digital collateral for communication. With our Nova App, which eases communication between you and our soulmates, the enhanced recycling and waste management practices, sustainable water practices, and the adoption of eco-friendly alternatives, our island strives to make a difference. 

The thoughtful, holistic approach with new technology and investments aims to optimise the use of resources and reduce waste. And with the carefully planned daily operation at Nova, we are determined to minimise the environmental footprint left by us. Preserving the environment for future generations and a greener tomorrow is the ultimate goal of your soul place, Nova. Let your soul embrace mother nature and take part in the eco measures that will heal our earth. 

Book your soulful stay and take a step into a greener tomorrow with us. Email us at [email protected] or talk to us at +960 66 88 777.

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