Nova Snorkelling and Dive Sites

Explore beneath the azure

A world of wonder and mystery
where colours come alive
and the ocean’s secrets await you

Whether you’re a seasoned diver or a curious snorkeller, there’s no shortage of breathtaking sites to explore in this west archipelago. From vibrant pinnacles and channels to fascinating shipwrecks, the waters of Nova offer endless opportunities to witness the majesty of marine life. Discover the stunning house reef and outer atoll channel, where you can encounter an array of colourful aquatic creatures, including the fascinating whale sharks and manta rays.

Reethi Thila

25 minutes from Nova,
Commonly known as Five Rocks or Reethi Thila, this dive site features five separate small rocks submerged to form an underwater pinnacle adorned with magnificent corals and an array of different species of tropical fish. Every twist and turn between the rocks will reveal new wonders, inviting you to explore a world brimming with life and energy. Here, vibrant sea fans and elegant whip corals dance alongside anemones, surrounded by marine wonders; shoals of fusiliers, jackfish, great barracudas, scorpion fish, nudibranchs, oriental sweetlips and the awe-inspiring whitetip and grey reef sharks.

Broken Rock

20 minutes from Nova,
Prepare to be awe-inspired at Broken Rock due to the unique formation of this dive site, which has a canyon splitting the pinnacle into two that divers can swim through. Nestled within the channel connecting Dhangethi and Dhigurah, here you can witness a captivating world of marine life — from the exquisite fan corals to the graceful Napoleon wrasse. Glide along the whitetip and grey reef sharks, turtles, scorpion fish, and moray eels as you witness the intricate beauty of soft coral, nudibranchs and elegant flatworms.

Kuda Rah Thila

10 minutes from Nova, inner atoll.
One of the most famous dive sites in the South Ari Atoll, Kuda Rah Thila lets you drift along the reef under the eastern side overhangs and through the small archway on the western side where an underwater garden awaits you. Surrounded by vibrant coral life with colourful soft corals and bustling schools of fish, you'll feel like a part of this underwater symphony. Eagle rays glide by with effortless grace, jackfish chase the schools of fusiliers, and blue stripe yellow snappers cover the whole reef as if inviting you to join in their dance.

Noo Giri

25 minutes from Nova
Beginning at a mere three metres, this shallow reef slopes down to 30 metres where overhangs and corals line the incline. Encounter schools of bannerfish and butterfly fish, alongside stunning anemones and black coral trees. The caves and tunnels are teeming with a diverse array of marine life — from the elusive moray eels, vibrant nudibranchs, and fusiliers to scorpion fish, batfish, longnose hawkfish, lionfish, and graceful hawksbill turtles alongside whitetip and grey reef sharks.

Thinfushi Ethere Thila

20 minutes from Nova
Within the channel connecting Dhangethi and Dhigurah lies a breathtaking vista of vibrant corals; sea fans, gorgonian corals, and whip corals lining the vast caves. Encounter shimmering schools of blue-striped and white snappers, alongside marbled groupers, turtles, oriental sweetlips, Napoleon wrasse, and bluefin trevallies. And as the waters come alive, behold the graceful movements of whitetip and grey reef sharks, and even the occasional sighting of nurse sharks.

Kudhi Maa Wreck

5 minutes from Nova
On Centara Grand’s house reef in the inner atoll, this shipwreck teems with life. Holding a cornucopia of marine wonders, it is home to schools of lionfish, red snappers, juvenile yellow boxfish, boxfish, angelfish, pufferfish, and enchanting glassfish. Encounter the vibrant Goniobranchus Gleniei, or swim alongside the reef groupers, stonefish, anthias and the gloomy nudibranch. Witness the majestic whitetip reef sharks and nurse sharks gliding through the currents, accompanied by schools of big-eye jacks, marbled stingrays, Acropora crabs and two pipefish species.

Madivaru Rangali - Manta Point

60 minutes from Nova
Cradled in the Rangali south channel, this captivating site showcases the ocean’s gentle giants along with an array of marine life. Named after manta rays (Madi), it is a manta cleaning station, where the sloping bottom meets a plateau reef blooming with vibrant coral formations and marine wonders — from whitetip, silvertip and grey reef sharks to turtles, Napoleon wrasse and even the awe-inspiring whale sharks.