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A person rowing a glass-bottom kayak away from the shore of Nova Maldives

Top Things to Do in South Ari Atoll

09 Apr 24

Woman sitting at the edge of the pool with her legs in the water, at Solis in Nova Maldives

Discover the Freedom of Solo Travel This July at Nova Maldives

25 Mar 24

Aerial of a snorkeller in the water

Inspire Inclusion: Nova Maldives Dives into Empowerment on International Women’s Day

07 Mar 24

A group of women with champagne flutes, laughing together

What to Wear in Maldives: Your Guide to Soulful Style

03 Mar 24

Aerial of the white sandy beaches and and villas at Nova Maldives

How Many Islands Does the Maldives Have?

25 Feb 24

Aerial of Nova Maldives

Beyond Paradise: What Sets the Maldives Apart?

29 Jan 24

Aerial of water villas at Nova Maldives

New Year in the Maldives: A Soulful Getaway

07 Jan 24


When is the Best Time to Visit the Maldives?

28 Dec 23

Aerial of water villas at Nova Maldives

Top 5 Bucket List Experiences at Nova Maldives

14 Dec 23

Water pool villas at Nova Maldives

Unveiling Azure Magic: Why is Maldives’ Water So Blue?

27 Nov 23