A whale shark underwater

Protecting the gentle giants of South Ari Atoll


The sea, 

once it casts its spell, 

holds one in its net of wonder forever.

The southern tip of Ari Atoll is renowned as the Whale Shark point, where you can swim alongside them at any time of the year. Just a few minutes away from Nova, this location welcomes you to witness the ocean's majestic beings in their natural habitat. At your soul place, you can dive into the blue utopia and behold the unmatchable beauty of the aquatic wonders – while also learning the most interesting tidbits about the gentle giants. 

The Maldives Whale Shark Research Programme (MWSRP) is a foundation that carries out whale shark research and fosters community-based conservation initiatives. With the aim of understanding the dynamics of whale sharks, and protecting the majestic giants, MWSRP takes action to not only research and monitor, but also to educate keen individuals. The foundation carries out community mobilisation and collaborations, aspiring to conserve the marine environment. 

With our collaboration with MWSRP, Nova ensures that all Whale Shark excursions at your soul place are sustainable. From in-depth briefings about the best practices when encountering the whale sharks, to Q&A sessions and sit-downs with field experts –  you can learn more about the conservation efforts and immerse yourself in an experience unlike any other here at Nova.

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