Step into a greener tomorrow with Nova

Immerse your soul in a journey that embraces the nature we are rooted in. Discover the green initiatives; dedicated to ever-improving efforts to reduce our environmental footprint, attain mindfulness and safeguard the astounding beauty for generations to come. At your soul home, sustainability is at the core of everything we do. Join us in nurturing the delicate ecoculture, preserving the unique ecosystem of our intricate islands.

Culture and Heritage

Let the beautiful culture of the isles captivate your spirit. Deeply rooted in, and belonging to the Maldives. Your soul place delivers the perfect balance of togetherness, cultural and environmental conservation. Feel the magic of the moment as you marvel at the rich heritage, traditions and culture of the Maldives.

Flora and Fauna

Take a journey through the diverse flora and fauna of the Maldives archipelago. Learn more about the terrestrial splendours – the lush greenery around the island, tall palm trees lining the shores and banyan trees towering over you. And then, step into the water to discover a marine wonderland, the coral reef lining the lagoon, home to nature's abundant wealth.

KULA Art Initiative

Witness the full spectrum of contemporary creative arts in the Maldives. KULA connects young and experienced artists alike – promoting the arts within and beyond the country’s borders and opening up new horizons for the local art community.

Protecting the Gentle Giants of South Ari Atoll

At your soul home, you can dive into the blue utopia and behold the unmatchable beauty of the aquatic wonders – while also finding out the most interesting tidbits about the gentle giants. From in-depth briefings about the best practices when encountering whale sharks or manta rays, to Q&A sessions and sit-downs with field experts –  you can learn more about the conservation efforts and immerse yourself in an experience unlike any other. 

Responsible Manta Operator

As recipients of the "Responsible Manta Operator" badge, we are dedicated to creating a sustainable future for our oceans, where manta rays flourish in vibrant and diverse marine ecosystems. Dive into an extraordinary experience where you can learn the best practices and code of conduct whilst swimming with these gentle giants. Discover how to identify individual mantas and become a steward of their conservation efforts.