Amazing Water Villas with Pool in the Maldives

04 Mar 23


Maldives, the paradisiac destination, offers the unique lodging experience in a personal cocoon over water. When you are in your tropical haven, where blue lagoons are abundant, the most magical stay is, undoubtedly, over the ocean. At Nova Maldives, we welcome you to an oasis of comfort, with mesmerising views lying just beyond your daybed, and your overwater villa set against the backdrop of a spectacular Maldivian sunset over the Indian Ocean.

The story of the very first water villa started back in 1972 and over the past 50 years, Maldives has become home to around two-thirds of more than 8000 water villas in the world. These accommodations present an unparalleled experience that transcends a laidback holiday, inviting you to good soul days.

  1. A Tranquil Sanctuary

Nova, with our idyllic location in South Ari Atoll, offers three categories of water villas. These range from Water Villa, Water Villa with Jacuzzi to Water Villa with Pool — all situated at the end of a long wooden jetty floating over the turquoise lagoon.

Your haven floating atop the clear blue waters, will amaze your spirit with the breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean. Designed as a refuge of tranquillity, these homes are just by the water, where you can dip your toes into the calm blues at any time. As you spend a soulful day lazing on your outdoor daybed, an array of aquatic wonders such as the pufferfish, baby shark and more swill beneath you.

The overwater retreats also offer the ultimate option for intimate privacy in a modern manner. You can fall into a peaceful slumber amid the relaxing sound of the water, as you immerse yourself in the surrounding beauty and vastness of the ocean.

  1. A Soulful Epitome

The Water Villa with Pool, where you can see the uninterrupted views of the sunset, is the epitome of a truly Maldivian retreat. The custom-made furniture, neutral whites, natural light and warm materials, and the pared-back and minimalist interiors deliver a relaxing atmosphere. As you wake up to the panoramic Ocean views, you may plunge into your own private pool whilst teasing your tastebuds with a tropical cocktail at the same time.

The spacious cocoon of 160 sqm, will let your soul absorb all the sun’s warmth while lounging on the daybed. And if you’re seeking more, the stairs descend to the waves below, where you can discover beneath the blue azure. Every evening, the water villas welcome you to an artistic play of the sky fading into night. Each sunset tells you a different story, as you catch the bright redness melting into the glimmering ocean or the pink and purple sky slowly descending below the horizon.

At your soulful epitome, there’s a real sense of being a million miles from your everyday life but somehow cosy in a familiar luxury, with all the things you need to stay connected. You may choose to dine under the sky full of stars, in the comfort of your private villa. Toast to the moment with a selected vintage wine collection, while taking in the celestial scenery set above you. Escape to a truly private world, that offers thoughtful touches of indulgence — where every moment crafted, ensures a memory to be treasured forever.

Let your soul discover the perfect Indian Ocean retreat with our over water villas, where the incredible turquoise lagoon stretches beneath you. Book your good soul days now and email us at [email protected], or talk to us via +960 66 88 777.

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