Maldives Weddings

Your wedding at Nova

Our souls have been
waiting lifetimes
for our hearts
to finally meet

Celebrate your love on powder-soft white sands or surrounded by the sparkling lagoon – your Maldives wedding dream can come to life at Nova, one of the best Maldives wedding resorts. 

Sit back and relax while our team curate your blissful union with packages designed to impress.

Ocean promises

"As the ocean has no end,
so does my love for you..."

Let your souls sparkle along with the glimmering waters on our purposefully built Lagoon Deck. Here, it's just the two of you, your minister and the endless shades of blue partaking in your celebration of love.

Sandy toes

"With sandy toes and salty kisses,
our souls became one"

A private island surrounded by the crystalline seas sparkling in the background, lush palm trees swaying in the wind and the promise of tropical dreams in the air. Celebrate your wedding with friends and family or just the two of you surrounded by absolute bliss and everlasting memories.

A sun kissed kind of love

"All I can promise you
is adventures, laughter and wild love,
the rest will unfold as it is meant to"
— Lola Lawrence

Your love story was written in the stars – at Nova, let us be a part of your tale and help you have the most romantic getaway. Have your dream wedding in the Maldives with cerulean seas and starry skies as the idyllic backdrop during your ceremony.