Five men wearing traditional Maldivian clothing, dancing and playing 'bodu beru', a Maldivian drum

Culture and heritage

Our souls carry with them;

whispers of the elders,

maps of the past, 

and history with all its stories.

Set your soul free among the beautiful and invigorating landscapes of Nova. Where each and every piece of art and infrastructure captures the essence of our history. Deeply rooted in, and belonging to the Maldives. Your soul place, built by tracing the framework of cultural enclaves. Delivering the perfect balance of togetherness, cultural and environmental conservation. 

Let the beautiful culture of the isles captivate your spirit. From local musical performances with Bodu Beru, to uncovering the captivating Maldivian tales. From discovering local cuisines, to embracing the culture with local communities. Feel the magic of the moment as you marvel at the rich heritage, traditions and culture of the Maldives.

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