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KULA Art Initiative

KULA means “colours” in Dhivehi, and the initiative supports the full spectrum of the contemporary creative arts in Maldives. From local crafts, fashion, digital photography, and videography to music, the initiative opens up new horizons for the local art community like never before. Supporting local talent and presenting opportunities for artists to present their art, KULA connects young and experienced artists alike to promote the arts within and beyond the country’s borders.

Maisha Yoosuf

A graphic designer by profession and an illustrator at heart - Maisha Yoosuf (@gulsampa) created vibrant designs with inspiration drawn from Mother Earth.

an illustration of a group of people lying on a paddleboard in the ocean with a whale shark and stingrays

Zayana Ahmed

Zayana Ahmed, better known in the art world as Zaya (@zayadraws), built her brand as an illustrator with designs that initially began as "art therapy".