Nova Maldives Dives into Empowerment on International Women’s Day

07 Mar 24

Aerial of a snorkeller in the water

Amidst the sun-drenched allure of Nova, this International Women’s Day transforms into a celebration of empowerment and inclusion. The tropical haven in South Ari Atoll offers breathtaking underwater wonders and stands as a symbol of inspiration for women seeking inclusion in the exhilarating realm of marine exploration.

Meet Zoona: PADI Course Director and Inspiring Leader

We proudly host an exclusive event at Nova, led by Zoona, the first female PADI Course Director in the Maldives. Renowned for her outstanding contributions to dive education and environmental advocacy, Zoona embodies the theme of this year’s Women’s Day celebration: “Inspire Inclusion.” Her leadership brings forth the beauty of the underwater world and stands as a testament to women’s empowerment in every facet of life.

Nova’s empowering event promises an exciting lineup of activities, including guided dives for beginners and advanced divers alike, snorkelling in the resort’s beautiful, surrounding house reef, and an insightful presentation on Zoona’s diving journey. 

Guests will have the unique opportunity to learn from Zoona firsthand, with novices experiencing a complimentary trial dive ‘bubblemaker’ session in Nova’s shallow lagoon. Additionally, discounted rates and course credits are available for Discover Scuba Diving courses and entry level scuba diving courses. During this special event, guests have the chance to win a complimentary Open Water Course for two and even the Nova soulmates, as Nova’s team members are called, can win one course.

Additionally, participants will receive discounts and credits for an Open Water or Scuba Diver courses. 

Underwater Delights in South Ari Atoll

Guests are invited to plunge into the enchanting world of South Ari Atoll, a haven for those passionate about the sea. The underwater realm offers a mesmerising showcase of marine life, symbolising the unity of different species coexisting in harmony. Gentle giants such as whale sharks and manta rays inspire awe and are ambassadors for the inclusive spirit that Nova embraces.

Snorkelling Adventures

Nova extends an inclusive invitation to all guests to explore the underwater wonders regardless of their experience level. Glide with the currents, embracing the inclusivity of vibrant reefs that welcome snorkellers into a world of great depths. From the Nova house reef to deeper waters, inclusivity is the guiding principle, allowing everyone to partake in the joy of discovering the marine treasures hidden beneath the surface.

Dive into Memories

With the guidance of the experienced team at Aquaholics, divers embark on a journey into inclusivity, exploring dramatic underwater topography draped with soft corals and vibrant marine life. The currents of pinnacles and channels carry divers to spectacular sights, fostering a sense of unity and shared experiences. 

A person rowing a glass-bottom kayak away from the shore of Nova Maldives

Watersports Extravaganza

Nova’s commitment to “Inspire Inclusion” extends beyond the underwater realm to a spectrum of watersports. Whether paddling on a kayak or embracing motorised adventures, we ensure every guest finds a space for excitement and joy, irrespective of their abilities. The watersports extravaganza at Aquaholics water sports centre celebrates diversity, proving that every day is an opportunity for inclusive adventure.

With its dedication to the theme of “Inspire Inclusion” for International Women’s Day, Nova offers a breathtaking escape into the wonders of the sea and becomes a platform for empowerment and unity. As guests partake in the celebrations, they witness the beauty of the underwater world and contribute to a collective journey that embraces diversity, making Nova a beacon for inclusivity in marine exploration.

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