Let’s go snorkelling

Dance with the waves,
move with the sea.
Let the rhythm of the water,
set your soul free.

Take a deep breath and submerge your soul in a turquoise haven. Glide along the waves of Nova and discover the beauty and diversity of the Maldivian reefs. Whether you want to explore the mesmerising beauty of Nova’s house reef by yourself, or let our soulmates guide you to the wonders of South Ari Atoll — we’ve got adventures ready for you.

Snorkelling Lesson

Let us guide you through the currents of Nova's lagoon and the sea beyond. With lessons from our expert Soulmates, you can navigate the waves as you explore the underwater. Learn more about the marine world and the aquatic wonders that inhabit it — discovering new depths and adventures.

House Reef Snorkelling

Nestled in South Ari Atoll, Nova presents you with an underwater dream world. The pelagic haven of our house reef welcomes you to discover the plankton-rich waters, bursting with a variety of marine life. Let your spirit relish in the surreal moment as you wave at a Sea Turtle or gaze at the graceful dance of an Eagle Ray.

House Reef Night Snorkelling

Head to the enthralling waters of the Indian Ocean after the sun goes down and discover a whole new world of adventures. Night snorkelling at the Nova house reef welcomes you to a sight unlike any other — when the daytime reef inhabitants retire into their homes, and the nocturnal sea life comes out from the crevices in the reef to hunt at night. Witness the rare beauty as the corals bloom at night with stunning colours.

House Reef UV Night Snorkelling

Take a step beyond exploring the nightscapes of the Nova house reef, and catch a glimpse of a whole new world. Welcome to an underwater light show. Let the spectacular fluorescent hues captivate you as you catch glimpses of the glowing marine life under the ultraviolet lights. Uncover a whole new world illuminated at night, past the lagoon of your soul place.

Turtle Quest

Experience an aquatic dream as you step into the waters. Head out to the waters in search of the mesmerising sea life, and witness the majestic sea turtles. Learn all the fun trivia about the ocean's most likeable creatures and capture a snapshot of them in their natural habitat.

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