Join the excitement

Go where the excitement is,
and let the adventures fill your soul

Discover the thrilling adventures waiting for you at your soul place. Every day brings a new opportunity to explore your wild side – whether you are looking to paddle over the waters on a kayak or let the motorised adventures take you on a ride. With a jam-packed schedule of never-ending fun, you can do as much or as little as your heart desires, and there is always room for excitement at Nova.

Jet ski

Take the jet ski out for a spin around the Nova blues. Skip over the waves as you catch the wind and let the water splash all around you — and if you’re in luck, you can even encounter some dolphins on your adventure.

A man on a jet-ski

Water ski / Wakeboard

Experience something truly electrifying on the waters. Cut through the turquoise waves on the water ski and get the best out of an epic adventure as you ride the adrenaline high.


Take in the pristine natural views of the Maldivian landscapes from a new point of view. Fly above the ocean and take in the panoramic views of Nova’s endless blues and the serene beaches surrounding the island — an experience unlike any other.

Fun ride

Enjoy a little bit more speed and adventure on the waves as you take nature’s rollercoaster ride. Whether you head out with your partner, friends or even with your family, you’re bound to have a fun time on the fun ride.


Explore the mesmerising beauty of the South Ari waters as you paddle your way. Perfect for nature lovers, kayaking invites you to immerse yourself in the lulling sounds of the waves and the sceneries set in front of you, and the views beneath the glass-bottomed kayak.

Standup paddleboarding

Enjoy the offshoot surfing atop a paddleboard. Enjoy the peaceful glide on the lagoon as you take in the unique birds-eye view as you stand on the board. With the fishes and eagle rays keeping you company beneath the water — an ocean aquarium awaits you.

Kite surfing

The calm and clear oceans of Maldives brings you the perfect conditions to sail across them. Whether you’re a novice or an expert on the waves, kite surfing brings you a unique and exciting way to enjoy the blue seas.

Windsurfing / Top cat sailing

The ideal beginner's boat, the top cat catamaran, invites you to safely glide through the waves — alone or with your tribe. With the high hull design offering a lot of buoyancy, you can navigate through the waves as you take in the relaxing views of Nova Maldives, and the seas around your soul place.

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