What Types of Sharks Are Found in the Maldives?

12 Nov 23


Drift with us beneath the azure waves of the Maldives, where mesmerising pelagics await your discovery. Where the silhouettes of the ocean reveal the presence of its most revered inhabitants: the sharks.

At Nova Maldives, nestled in the idyllic South Ari Atoll, we invite you to a rendezvous with the ocean’s most misunderstood yet majestic creatures.

The Sentinels of the Deep: Reef Sharks

Gliding through the vibrant coral gardens, the reef sharks of the Maldives are the guardians of the underwater realm. With their sleek forms and inquisitive eyes, they patrol the warm waters with confidence. Blacktip and whitetip reef sharks are often the stars of the show, their tips breaking the water’s surface like the sun’s rays piercing the dawn sky.

Black tip reef shark

The Great Wanderer: Whale Shark

In the Maldives, the whale shark, a gentle nomad of the sea, swims in the liquid universe, its spotted back a natural marvel against the cobalt blue. These spotted behemoths, the largest fish in the ocean, share their migratory secrets with those fortunate enough to encounter them in the South Ari Atoll — a privilege to witness such gentle grace.

The Swift Hunter: Hammerhead Shark

Peer into the depths at the break of dawn, and you might catch a glimpse of the elusive hammerhead shark. With their distinctive head shape slicing through the water, they move with a purposeful elegance. In their presence, one feels a sense of ancient wisdom, a lineage that stretches back to the very beginnings of time.

Aerial of a hammerhead shark in the water

Nova is your haven, a place to pause, breathe, and immerse your soul in the profound narrative of the sea. Dive in and let the stories of these oceanic titans become etched into the fabric of your soul.

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