Here’s What to Pack for Your Trip to the Maldives

28 Sep 23

Woman sitting at the edge of the pool with her legs in the water, at Solis in Nova Maldives

A trip to the Maldives is an amalgam of soulful experiences, where each moment dances to the tune of gentle waves and ocean breezes. Yet, even in this paradise, a well-packed suitcase can make all the difference. At Nova Maldives, we believe in perfecting every nuance of your journey, and that begins even before you arrive. Allow us to guide you through the essentials you won’t want to leave behind.

The Ensemble of Light and Breezy

Tropical destinations and light fabrics go hand in hand. Think linen sundresses, airy button-down shirts, and comfortable shorts. Remember, the Maldives is painted in shades of sun, sand, and sea. Your wardrobe should complement this, so opt for colours that mirror the tropical palette around you—turquoise, coral, tangerine, and of course, classic whites.

Footwear for Land and Sea

From strolls on the beach to meals that nourish the soul, the right footwear makes all the difference. A pair of flip-flops is ideal for most occasions, while water shoes are a blessing for any aquatic adventure. For that dash of elegance during fine dining or romantic walks on the beach, bring along a pair of sandals that marry comfort with style.

Swimwear that Celebrates You

As you will soon find, life at Nova revolves around water. Whether you’re plunging into underwater escapades or lounging by the pool, a stylish yet comfortable swimsuit is your true companion. Ladies might opt for a stylish one-piece or a vibrant bikini, while gentlemen might find board shorts more to their liking. We recommend packing multiple options; after all, each day calls for a new adventure.

Capturing Your Dream Vacation

While our in-house photo studio Memories will capture your magical moments professionally, you might also wish to document your journey personally. Pack a good-quality camera or ensure your smartphone is up to the task. Don’t forget underwater cameras or casings if you’re keen to capture your adventures undersea.

Wellness Essentials

As you indulge in the relaxing treatments at our Eskape Spa, your skincare routine can continue to flourish. Pack your essential skincare products, but also leave room for the nourishment you’ll receive from our curated array of organic products. And never underestimate the importance of good sun protection—both sunscreen and after-sun lotions are a must.

The Little Extras

A few thoughtful extras can elevate your trip from memorable to extraordinary. Consider a lightweight, waterproof bag for your excursions, or perhaps a journal to document your thoughts as you soak up the endless ocean vistas. A pair of binoculars could come in handy during our dolphin cruise, and your favourite novel will find a perfect home amidst the serene Maldivian landscape.

Packing wisely ensures that you’re prepared for every experience Nova has to offer, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in your soul place without a care in the world. 

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