Discover Manta Rays & Whale Sharks in the Maldives

12 Oct 23

Manta ray

The waters of the Maldives hold many secrets. Among its most mesmerising are the gentle giants that glide effortlessly, leaving trails of wonder in their wake — the whale sharks and manta rays.

At Nova Maldives, nestled in South Ari Atoll, we stand as silent spectators to this soul-stirring dance, inviting you to immerse yourself in their captivating world.

The Ocean’s Nomads: Whale Sharks

Resembling constellations in the night sky, the dotted patterns on whale sharks have a celestial beauty. As the world’s largest fish, these gentle giants are often seen unhurriedly roaming the depths of South Ari Atoll. At Nova, early mornings often herald the soft silhouette of a whale shark, allowing guests an intimate glimpse into their elusive world.

Front view of whale shark

Winged Marvels: Manta Rays

Like cloaked aviators of the deep, manta rays are a sight to behold. South Ari Atoll is a haven for these creatures, their wingtips often breaking the water’s surface, and Nova’s pristine waters serve as the front-row seats to this spectacle. As they twirl, skim, and soar, one can’t help but feel a kindred bond, a shared longing for freedom and serenity.

Becoming One with the Dance

At Nova, our Aquaholics experiences aren’t just excursions; they’re genuine moments of connection. Swim alongside these creatures or simply watch from the shore, feeling the weight of the world lift with every ripple of the water.

Silhouettes of four manta rays underwater with the sun shining above them

For a soulful escape into the world of these graceful giants, Nova is your sanctuary. Dive into a world of wonder, and let the tales of the deep become part of your own.

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