Arriving At Your Soulful Home!

10 May 22


On a remote island set in the Maldives South Ari Atoll lies the heavenly Nova Maldives – the epitome of a soulful, blissful, laidback island.

Operating now in full swing, we are ready to welcome you with our arms wide open and heartfelt smiles. Here on our island, time ceases to exist, and you are free to pick and choose everything you vibe with on your holiday.

In the tropical weather of Maldives, at Nova, you are surrounded by sun and the aquatic blues. Pack your light clothes and summer dresses – and don’t forget your swimwear to take on the breathtaking underwater world.

Known for the spectacular marine sights, South Ari Atoll is somewhere you can swim with Mantas and Whale Sharks any time of the year. Glide alongside the beautiful marine life around our small island or take part in a fun-filled game of beach volleyball on our pristine beaches. You can indulge in a holistic spa therapy session or mingle with the Nova community and have a kicking time at our pool parties. The choices are endless, and it all begins by making you happy.

Nova is your soul place where you feel included, looked after, and cared for by your soulmates on the island. A place where friends become family. From the moment you exit the doors of Velana international airport, you are welcomed by the smiling face of a Nova soulmate, guiding you on your journey to your soul place.

Our island is located a brief 25-minute scenic seaplane ride from the airport, where you can spot specks of green and turquoise lagoons scattered on the ocean. As soon as your seaplane lands on the blue lagoon of Nova, a 5-minute speedboat ride is prepared to take you to your ultimate destination – your soul place!


Discover the countless ways to spark joy once you are at Nova.


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