Unique Sandbank Experiences in the Maldives

20 Sep 23


What if we told you that, for a few cherished moments, you could have an entire sandbank in the Maldives all to yourself? At Nova Maldives, your soul place, we make this dream a reality. Bask in pure bliss with our one-of-a-kind sandbank experiences, each uniquely designed to etch indelible memories onto the canvas of your life.

A Feast for the Senses

Imagine this: A sumptuous picnic spread laid out on a secluded sandbank, just for you and your loved ones. Enjoy local delicacies and international favourites as you listen to the gentle lapping of the waves. And as night falls, partake in an exquisite dinner experience under the starlit sky. With the ocean as your backdrop and a chef-curated meal that tantalises every taste bud, this is alfresco dining like you’ve never experienced before.

Spiritual Serenity

As twilight settles over the ocean, find your inner calm with our Sunset Meditation and Yoga sessions. Guided by skilled instructors, you’ll discover a new dimension of tranquillity on this isolated patch of paradise. With each yoga pose and meditative breath, you’ll feel more connected to your soul, and the captivating natural beauty surrounding you.

Dance Under the Moonlight

Step onto a private sandbank as the sun dips below the horizon, setting the sky ablaze in hues of orange and pink. Your evening of enchantment starts with a sunset sandbank party, complete with exotic cocktails and soulful beats filling the air. And if you’re with us during a full moon, witness the magic amplify with a Full Moon Party, where the lunar glow transforms the sandbank into an ethereal dance floor.

An Isle of Romance

For those who seek the epitome of romantic escapades, allow us to craft an entire day of love on your private sandbank. From a dreamy lunch to a sultry sunset rendezvous, every moment will ignite your love story. The sand beneath your feet, the sky stretching endlessly above you, and nothing but the sound of your shared laughter and the ocean’s melody filling the air.

If these sandbank experiences stir your soul, don’t wait a moment longer – book your good soul days now. Reach us at +960 66 88 777 or email us at [email protected].

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