Embark on a Journey of Love at Nova Maldives

10 Mar 24

Nova Maldives wedding

Imagine exchanging vows in a paradise where the ocean’s horizon meets the sky, where every moment feels like it’s painted in hues of love. Welcome to Nova, where we turn your wedding fantasies into reality. 

As one of the most enchanting Maldives wedding venues, we offer an experience that leaves an indelible mark on your soul. Sit back and relax while our team curate your blissful union with packages designed to impress.

Tailored Dreams: Your Perfect Wedding Awaits

At Nova, we understand that every love story is a unique journey of two souls uniting. That’s why our wedding packages are designed to cater to the individuality of each couple. Whether it’s a serene beachside ceremony with the sand between your toes or a secluded moment of togetherness on a private sandbank, our bespoke experiences promise a wedding day that’s as mesmerising as your love.

Nova Maldives wedding

A Sanctuary of Love

Positioned in the serene South Ari Atoll, Nova is a laidback haven where love flourishes amidst the beauty of nature. Whether you’re exchanging vows under the shade of palm trees or against the backdrop of a breathtaking Maldivian sunset, each moment is a celebration of your love story.

Unforgettable Romantic Escapades

Nova transcends the traditional wedding experience, offering an array of romantic endeavours that begin your journey of togetherness with magic and wonder. Sail into the sunset on our private yacht, celebrating your union with a champagne toast under the amber sky. Revel in the intimacy of a starlit dinner on your personal sandbank or indulge in the culinary delights at the Nava Pavilion, surrounded by the endless lagoon.

Wellness: A Prelude to Forever

Believing in the harmony of wellness and love, Nova invites couples to indulge in the serene bliss of our Eskape Spa. Embark on a pre-wedding journey of relaxation with massages that ease you into blissful serenity and skincare treatments that leave you radiantly prepared for your momentous day.

A woman gets a massage

At Nova, your dream wedding isn’t just a possibility; it’s a promise. Connect with us at [email protected] or reach out at +960 66 88 777 to start planning your fairytale.

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