A Magical Maldivian Night At Nova Maldives

28 Nov 22

Aerial of the beach villas and white sandy beaches at Nova Maldives

Maldives, the beautiful slice of paradise known for its turquoise lagoons and soft white sandy beaches, has been greatly shaped by various cultures. The influences of various cultural traditions have shaped the history of the small island country. In addition to multiple Middle Eastern countries, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia and even countries of Africa, have moulded the Maldivian culture into a fascinating, rich and unique one. This diversity is the most palpable in the local cuisine and the special musical performances.

We, at Nova, pride ourselves in being part of the community rooted in Maldivian history and culture. Hence, your soulmates have specially crafted a magical Maldivian night. Give your soul a chance to escape into an authentic cultural journey, starting with delicious Maldivian cuisine and moving on to an unforgettable musical performance of Bodu Beru.

1. A local culinary journey

The food of the Maldives tells a story of place, history, and togetherness. Locally known as Dhivehi cuisine, it’s a fusion of multicultural flavours. Imagine a mix of mild spiciness and a delicate sweetness. Maldivian cuisine provides a diversity of tastes. With fish, millet, coconuts, tubers and breadfruits as essential ingredients, it has developed a distinctive blend with its special flavours, symbolizing a unique culinary identity.

At Soul Kitchen, the all-day dining buffet venue, your soul will be nourished with exquisite local food and great company. Delight in the Indian Ocean paradise while discovering the taste of the most authentic Maldivian dishes.

Start your journey with one of the most loved Maldivian dishes; Garudhiya. Let your palate explore the tastes of the sea with this fish soup served with rice. The Maldivian curries are overflowing with flavours, whether it’s the octopus or Bashi Riha, the eggplant curry. With tuna being the star of local cuisine, there are numerous ways it is prepared.  From Kulhimas, a stir-fried spiced tuna dish to Mashuni, a combination of tuna, spices and grated coconut, both served with Roshi, a typical local flatbread. One of the main dishes served to you is Mas Baiy, a saffron rice with succulent chunks of fried tuna.

Your culinary journey will let take you through an array of Maldivian pastries as well. Relish in the sweetness of Kiru Bokiba, a milk cake, or Saagu Bondibai, a Sago pudding.


2. The Maldivian melody

One of the most authentic ways to immerse yourself in the Maldivian culture is by attending the traditional musical performance of Bodu Beru. Meaning “big drums” in Dhivehi, Bodu Beru is an ancient art influenced by East and South African rhythms. Made from coconut wood and goat skins, the drum produces crisp and deep resonating sounds inviting you to an enticing spectacle. The smaller the size of the drum and the more tightened the skin, the higher the beats. The two instruments that accompany the drums, a bell and a small piece of bamboo with grooves carved in it called the Onugandu, produces a hoarse sound adding an earthy layer to the rhythm.

This traditional performance of Bodu Beru is not only comprised of the tunes played on the instruments. It is an amalgamation of drums, vocals and dance. The singers wear a traditional sarong and white shirt, as they perform with an ensemble of percussionists and drummers. Starting with a slow and meditative beat, the Bodu Beru steadily increases in tempo as the night progresses.

During the show, your soulmates will invite you to join them to dance and clap along to the rhythm as it transforms into a tumultuous beat. The magic of Bodu Beru lies in bringing together all souls to move under the night sky, driving the spirit to a frenzy of ecstatic joy.

Imagine the softness of the sand beneath your feet and the sound of the Indian Ocean’s waves in the distance. Your soul will be engrossed in the rhythmic beat of drums, the performance giving you unparalleled energy and connecting you to the spirit of Maldivian music.


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