A Unique Overwater Dining Experience at Nova Maldives

08 Oct 23

Teppanyaki restaurant at Nova, "Mizu" exterior at sunset

There’s dining, and then there’s dining on the tranquil waters of the Maldivian seascape, under a canopy of stars, with the gentle lull of the waves setting the evening’s rhythm. At Nova, we don’t just serve meals; we curate experiences to feed your soul.

Here’s a look at Mizu, our overwater teppanyaki restaurant, where culinary artistry meets nature’s serenity.

Teppanyaki Reimagined

Teppanyaki, an art that merges food and performance, finds its zenith at Mizu. Our expert chefs craft a theatrical narrative, marrying the traditional with the innovative, the familiar with the extraordinary. As the flames dance and the aromas entice, the essence of teppanyaki comes alive, making each meal a feast for all senses.

A chef lighting a fire at the teppanyaki station at Mizu, the overwater restaurant at Nova Maldives

Ocean’s Bounty, East Asian Soul

Drawing inspiration from the vastness of the sea surrounding it, Mizu’s menu is an ode to oceanic treasures, kissed by East Asian flavours. Every dish celebrates the delicate tastes of the sea, the robustness of oriental spices, and the artistry of modern culinary techniques. The result? A dining journey that transports you from the heart of the Maldives to the bustling streets of East Asia, all with just a bite.

Nutrition Meets Novelty

At Mizu, innovation is a continuous journey, and our latest testament to this is our special seaweed menu. Seaweed, often hailed as the ocean’s superfood, takes centre stage in this unique new offering.

A seaweed and lobster dish that is available on the seaweed menu at Mizu, the overwater teppanyaki restaurant at Nova Maldives

Rich in essential vitamins like A, B, C, and E, omega-3 fats, and a treasure trove of minerals, seaweed is more than just a flavour enhancer. Its health benefits range from reducing inflammation and boosting energy to supporting bone health, ensuring hormonal balance, and even paving pathways in cancer prevention.

Elevate Your Dining at Mizu

Floating above the shimmering waters, with the horizon stretched out before you and flavours from the depth of the sea, Mizu offers an overwater dining experience like no other.

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