About Nova

Your Soulful Island

Good Vibes only

Nova is the laidback place with soul.
We enable our guests to share our positive lifestyle while having a positive attitude and taking positive actions. We always focus on solutions, not on problems. At Nova, we are constantly trying to improve ourselves in this modern Maldives resort and have a sustainable and mindful attitude towards life. We have a positive outlook and viewpoint, expect the best, and strive to do the best we can.

Nova Nation

At Nova, we want to ensure that regardless of who you’re travelling with – alone, with friends or with family – you will always feel like part of our community. An inspiring island that sparks joy and connection, it’s where guests can truly live in the moment, taking each day as it comes. Do as much or as little as you’d like – whatever’s good for the soul!

Immersive Nature

We invite our guests to live freely, in the moment: immerse yourselves into the getaway of a lifetime. Nova features a modern all-inclusive concept that extends beyond meals and services, welcoming everyone to what we have to offer: spectacular living quarters, a myriad of activities, deliciously fresh dining… at Nova, it’s all about guests taking the time to do what makes their souls happy. Go diving, hit the gym, or sit under the palm trees and simply luxuriate.


Nova embodies warmth, joy, and soul – a bright new star amongst Maldivian resorts, it’s where guests can leave their worries behind and truly live in the moment. Choose from beach sanctuaries or ocean havens, both offering endless views of the cyan blue seas. Tantalise your tastebuds and feed your soul at the various dining outlets and bars. Dive into the deep with Aquaholics. Find countless ways to spark joy

Why Nova

A Natural Island

A 100% natural island with well-established vegetation, a fantastic beach and superb house reef

A top underwater location

South Ari Atoll is still one of the best locations for diving and snorkeling, with over 30+ manta points/whale sharks points/ship wrecks and dive locations just within a close 40 min range from the island, making Nova a unique spot for those looking for the ultimate marine adventure.

Whale Sharks

South Ari Atoll is the only region in the Maldives where you have the chance to see whale sharks throughout the year.

All effortlessly included

A base meal plan of FB plus which offers great value for money and a fantastic All-Inclusive option – based on the healthy and sustainable food offering

All-Inclusive Community:

A modern All-Inclusive Community Concept = a modern, value/experience for money, no fuss, no worry, “soft luxury” island destination that is specifically designed around the needs of the millennial traveller

Countless ways to spark joy

A happening and communal atmosphere created by animators through activities and several live entertainment sessions

Your Soul Place

Multiple room types to choose from including inter-connecting Beach Villas for families or groups of friends travelling together

Nourish Your Soul

A health and wellness focus with a fantastic gym and outdoor training area, group fitness classes and the spa focusing on treatments based on organic products

Nova Heritage

A place for local culture immersion with cultural interactions with the cultural heritage village on Dangethi Island close by