Valentine’s 2024

Love Letters from Nova

Amidst the gentle waves and whispering palm trees of Nova, every moment tells a tale of romance. As you immerse in our laidback, natural island, know that each experience is a love letter, penned by nature and sealed with our heartfelt hospitality.

Join us, and let’s co-write your most enchanting chapter yet.

Polaroid pictures of Nova Maldives

Soulfully Yours

From picturesque walks by the pristine beach to thrilling aquatic adventures, you can experience countless ways to ignite your love story here at Nova.

Gastronomic Delight

Savour Champagne breakfasts, set sail on a gourmet dinner cruise, or even dive into the art of cocktail mixology. Celebrate love in its finest form with us.

A picnic setup at a sandbank
Polaroid pictures of Nova Maldives

A Sensory Escape

Treat yourself to a sensory escape with our tailored treatments at Eskape Spa. Sink into a blissful tranquillity that aligns heart, mind, and soul.