Nova Easter

Greener Easter

This year, Easter at Nova Maldives is a soulful celebration of the delicate dance between Earth and its inhabitants. Immerse yourself in our Greener Easter programme: from nourishing culinary journeys to sustainable initiatives to celebrate the Earth’s splendour.

Come, connect deeply, and let the island’s rhythm move your soul.

Springtime Delight

Celebrate the joy of an Easter egg hunt, or a tantalising brunch and dinner that honours the earth's bounties. Let the flavours of nature dance on your taste buds as you savour every bite. 

Renewed Tomorrows

Share the joy of creating eco-friendly eggs with your loved ones, or witness the magic of growth and transformation as we plant trees with hope for a greener future.

Nourishing Wellness

Dive into a world of rejuvenation and indulge your senses. The Eskape Spa invites you to unwind, echoing the island’s spirit of serenity and good vibes.