Your soulful retreat


  • Where is Nova located?

Nova is located in south ari atoll, just a 25 minute Seaplane ride from Male’ International Airport. South Ari Atoll is  a top underwater location has some of the best locations for diving and snorkeling in the Maldives, with over 30+ manta points/whale sharks points/ship wrecks and dive locations just within a close 40 min range from the island, making Nova a unique spot for those looking for the ultimate marine adventure.


  • When is Nova Maldives opening?

Nova Maldives is set to open on 1st June 2022.


  • What is the vibe like at Nova, and what kind of guests do you expect? 

Nova is all about a fun, progressive, inclusive community formed by couples and groups of friends. Animators create a happening and communal atmosphere through activities and many live entertainment sessions.


  • How many Villas does Nova Maldives have?

76 land and ocean view Villas with private terraces, cosy furnishings and all the amenities you would require.


  • What types of accommodation are there?

There are multiple room types to choose from, including inter-connecting Beach Villas for families or groups of friends travelling together.


  • What are the types of activities available in Nova Maldives?

From relaxing spa treatments to high tempo diving adventures, Nova offers a variety of activities for you to select from.


  • What opportunities are there for sport and recreation? 

Nova features a fantastic gym and outdoor training area, group fitness classes, and our spa focuses on treatments based on organic products.


  • Which local and authentic experiences does Nova offer?

The cultural heritage village on Dangethi Island near Nova is the perfect place for local culture immersion and cultural interactions.


  • What are the meal plans options available at Nova?

A base meal plan of FB plus which offers great value for money and a fantastic All-Inclusive option – based on healthy and sustainable food offering

A modern All-Inclusive Club Style Community Concept = a modern, value/experience for money, no fuss, no worry, “soft luxury” island destination that is specifically designed around the needs of the millennial traveller


  • How can you book your stay in Nova?

You can book your stay at Nova by contacting us directly on [email protected]