Life is meant for
spectacular adventures.
Let your feet wander,
your eyes marvel
and your soul ignite.

The brightest new star in Maldives welcomes you to a brilliant journey this festive season. Embark on a trip that will ignite your soul and leave you feeling alive, inspired and wanting more. Every moment is dedicated to moments to heal and revive your soul - from heart-warming and refreshing experiences created just for you to adrenaline-fueled expeditions and competitions. Witness the vibrant colours of Nova Maldives as we light up for the celebrations. Let the good times roll.

Our festive line-up

Dive in to South Ari

Explore the blues around Nova this holiday as we take you on an adventure of a lifetime. From Manta Quests to Sunset Fishing, there’s a journey to be made this season.

Relax your soul

Let us whisk you away on a blissful journey this holiday. Wake up and unwind with Sunrise Yoga, or elevate your body, mind, and soul with us at one of our massage workshops.

Thrilling water sports

We’ve got your fill of excitement and adventures. Discover the experiences atop the blue waters. With underwater treasure hunts and snorkelling adventures at night, we’re ready to exhilarate you.

Groove to the rhythm

The funky beats are here to carry you through the holidays. Free your musical soul with us and let the DJ and live music carry you into the night. Set your soul alight.

A feast for the soul

Let the freshest flavours and colourful dinners transform you. Whether you’re in the mood for a romantic night or a vibrant gala, you’ll find exquisite fusion and authentic cuisine this festive season. Let the good times roll.